We're opening on Saturday 4th July

It's been a long time since we all got together and we're looking
forward to seeing you. We are working hard to get the club open on the 4th July.

Members only,
no guests

Card & Contactless payments only

Practice social distancing

We really want to create a relaxed atmosphere and keep everyone safe, so with this in mind we've made a few short term changes to how we operate.

We will be operating reduced opening hours, as such:

Day of Week Hours
Monday Closed
Tuesday 4pm - 10pm (Last orders at 9pm)
Wednesday 4pm - 10pm (Last orders at 9pm)
Thursday 4pm - 10pm (Last orders at 9pm)
Friday 2pm - 11pm (Last orders at 10pm)
Saturday 2pm - 11pm (Last orders at 10pm) Saturday Hours from 4th July
Sunday 2pm - 11pm (Last orders at 10pm)

Applies from 4th July

Saturdays, we:

Open at 2pm

Close at 11pm

Last Orders: 10pm

Your committee will be on the door for Saturday 4th and most likely Sunday 5th as it will be busy.
Please note, we are operating a strict Members Only policy. No guests will be permitted.

To gain access to the club, and in compliance with the Governments guidance on Contact Tracing, you will need to present your card to the door entry system. Members without a card will be recorded manually against a list of current members. Please help to speed things up by bringing your card with you and tapping in at the door.

Again, please note if you are not a member there will be no admittance, please don't bring guests.

We will be accepting payments by Credit/Debit card using contactless or Chip and PIN Only. No cash will be accepted.

Drinks service is in the Vernon Suite via a speedy segregated line-up system to comply with regulations. The rest of the building will be open including snooker & pool, and numerous sanitising stations are located around the club for your convenience.

Additional Important Information:

Inside seating
  • Maximum of 2 households at a table
  • You can meet with different households at different times

Outside seating
  • Maximum of 2 households at a table
  • Or 6 people from different households
  • You can meet with different households at different times

Our seating capacity will be reduced due to the distancing rules. Please don't push tables together. If we can stick to the guidelines then the sooner we will be back to normal.

Looking forward to seeing you all soon.
From your managers, staff and committee at The Club

This page was last updated on Friday, 26th June 2020
You can read more information on the Government Website about Social Distancing, Staying Alert and Safe.